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Confira a Letra Self Holyness

Graveyard Rodeo

Self Holyness

Hear my fucking voice
For I have learned to
Guard my life

They sharpen their tongues like swords
They aim bitter words like arrows (at me)
Shooting suddenly and recklessly
They scheme their evil courses (they conspire)
While I search for who searches the mind
And who know the depth of the heart (like me)
And there, their own tongues will bring them to ruin
And then all men will fear
The lord
The shepherd
The savior
The lord
The son
The father

I just want to tell you I how I feel
The power of my life is within the one
Who beholds life itself
And although life is not great it's still a gift to
The lord
The shepherd
The savior
Your lord
Your son
Your father

Hear my fucking voice
For you must learn to
Guard your own life