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Confira a Letra Resolve



A request.
So simple and yet it's so hard to expect.
Anything more than what I've asked.
You can fool me for a while longer.
But no longer than
I've let you have the best of me
for the worst of reasons.
I can humor one more chance
in exchange for something true.
But you create the circumstance.

Don't take me for a fool.
There's only so long I can hold my breath.
And I'm not convinced that there's no other out.
But the other I shudder to think about.
And I'd like to think that this time is
less forgettable than you've decided.
No other thoughts frequent my mind.
Quite as troubling as this peace
that I just could not find.

Well I hope you got what you came here for.
Another trophy on your shelf.
I could blame you for this misery,
but I brought it on myself.