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Confira a Letra Outside My Mind

Griffin House

Outside My Mind

I remember the day
I was outside my mind
You know if I could
I would bottle the time
I would go back to the place where I last saw your face
Where I kissed you and left you behind

I burn like a furnace
For you as I wait
I ran from my memory
But I could not escape
It's true that I feel like a fool
For falling for you
I love you, but I don't know why

I know I seem crazy to say what I do
But maybe I'm crazy from thinking of you
The moment I laid in your arms
They could do me no harm
I felt for you more than you knew

Maybe you're thinking
That I don't even know ya
Okay you're right, but I still want to show ya
If we were two strangers first kiss
Then you're a stranger I miss
Do you always make strangers feel this?

So hop on that plane
As soon as you can
I need to know
If you understand
If everything I hoped was real
You are also feel
I'll be right here waiting for you