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Confira a Letra Let Me In

Griffin House

Let Me In

She's out of my league
And that's the kind of girl i need
I am the underdog
But i'm about to take the lead
You can't worry about the others
They can't turn my head
And when i'm with another i wish it was you instead.

I'm not trying to force it
But i've got one thing on my mind
I'm not going anywhere soon
I'm on a mission baby i've got the time

Let me in, might as well be with you
Let me in, i know how to make you miss me.

I got what you need
No hesitation when i bring
I'm your man
It's a promise and a ring
I got a secret for you, if you promise not to tell
Sometimes you feel a little closer to heaven when you raise a little hell.

Never give up on desire
You know how long i've waited around
You're only adding fuel to the fire
I won't be leaving till i wear you out

Let me in, i have got your number
Let me in, we're not getting any younger

You ain't got worry about the others
They could never be this real
And when i'm with another you'll remember how i feel

Let me in, knock it out with just one touch
Let me in, i'm not asking for too much

I know how to make you miss me
You'll feel it when you kiss me

You'll feel it with me
You'll feel it with me