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Confira a Letra Smothering Green

Grizzly Bear

Smothering Green

Look now, the evening's here colliding the sky
Down here we lie and wait, we lie awake and think
All that we loved and learned just vanished in our sleep
There it goes

Down here the wind is high, it blows us back to earth
Given the fire's they light and keeps us rolling on
Meanwhile back in your mind, the battle rages on
There it goes

Never you want me, never you call me dear, just try
Clear out your mind and I'll clear out mine
Why don't you want me
Why don't you hold me down and cry
Clear out your mind and I'll clear out mine
Fall out in the smothering green where you're near to me
Far gone, getting lost on me now, you're never there anymore
So don't look now

Holding on for a state of grays
Never mind but the stain will lift
Searching on for that magic feel
To give me love I can make for real

It's getting colder
Fall's getting foggier by the hour
Clear out your mind, I cleared out mine
So why don't you wake me
Why don't you shake me down and cry
Clear out your mind and I'll clear out mine