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Confira a Letra Pretty Bad


Pretty Bad

Night after night
Life out of sight
So frightening
Nothing seems right
Lights are too bright
So blinding

I'm so out of line, you left me behind
I've got no more tears to cry

I try to find an answer every night
I hear a voice, it tells me that the pain will not subside
I fool myself I go on home and drink some more instead
Yeah that's all pretty bad

Shackles that bind
Feeling confined
They hurt me
Cold down my spine
You're re so unkind
So much lying

Would you help me find the perfect disguise
I'm dying inside tonight

I cannot find a way to make it right
And I keep thinking but I just dont know what to decide
But I dont worry baby I will hurt myself instead
And that is pretty bad

Piece of mind I crave
Walking to an early grave