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Confira a Letra Just Can't Let Go

Gus G

Just Can't Let Go

I remember all the lies and all the stupid games
Just one more second chance to take your breath away
In a world that never sleeps you hide behind closed eyes
I'm drowning in an echo of your last goodbye

Just can't let go of the way that it was before
I never thought that you would ever turn your back on me
When I gave you everything
Just can't let go, I wanna touch you but you're so cold
Did you really think that I would let you walk away
I'm still holding onto one more second chance

Your voice rings in my head, I feel you getting colder
Just one more second chance let's start it over
These scars we try to hide they never fade away
They pain the stories of our lives
From cradle to the grave

I remember all of the things you did
We can put it back again
Just one more second chance