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Confira a Letra One By One


One By One

well, the Knicks lost big to Cleveland
at the Garden Friday night
so I wandered down Eight Avenue
to get a little tight
got into a little scuffle all because of Willis Reed
now there's one more bar in New York
I can't get me what I need

one by one, the doors are closing
one by one, they're shutting down
one by one, the word is spreading
one by one, all over town
one by one, my many options
one by one, they're falling down
dropping off like flies
one by one

well, I had a job last summer writing copy for the Post
the hours were a bummer,
the pay was worse than most
missed a couple deadlines and I got the bum's rush
another golden opportunity turned to mush


well, I spent my last ten dollars on a longshot at the track
hit on the exacta, I got 700 back
now my rent is paid, I've got some groceries and some wine
one by one, it all is working out
everything is fine