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Confira a Letra Crankenstein

The Halo Benders


We don't accept no poetry
Don't go tearing down the reminders
The keepers and finders
Polish them up
Tumbling down
Translations of The Raven
Don't go tearing down the reminders
Booster shot
Rumble strip
Bunny slope
Rumble strip
Bunny slope
Booster shot
Slow poke
We don't accept no doorbell rock
Immunized against the past chiming in with your trojan thoughts
Horsing around the boss hoss (')
Tiny trojan thoughts
Lock jaw
Tetanus shot
Chicken pox
Whooping cough
Something to hide
Something to know
Give it a go
Back up your mind
There's stories that haven't been told
Or found because no one wants to know about
Misery and that pain once again
Tearing down the reminders
Of the intense felt by all
From the beginning to the end of all things natural
There was some kind of
There was and love lost
Don't be us versus them
Cause it comes down to you
Us all
And that can't work
In a place where the heart must be large
And must be dependent on
The heart dependant upon
The chores are shared by all
And there is no repair
No repairing the mistakes
You are not following your heart's desire
To be worthy of
Three sizes too small
The heart is a muscle that must be exercised
An enlarged heart
Is not exercised
Properly or so they say
We don't accept no dell tell (') poetry doorbell slow poke bunny slope rumble strip booster shot rock
Raven diptheria tetanus shot lock jaw rock
Whooping cough poetry long distance rock
Tiny trojan horsing around