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Confira a Letra Mercury Blues

The Halo Benders

Mercury Blues

You were invited but you decided
You were better off
Where you're at now
Don't look for the message
We lived it and left it
Your blood temperature is still tepid
Indemnity, amenities, I hate it, I ate it
The size of the poll
Room for all
Mad as a hatter
But I'd rather that
Than where you're at
Hey, get off of the ceiling
Those memories you're peeling off
Like layers of a cake
That has already been ate
I'd rather forget it all
Than have it vicariously ate
Part environment
And part heredity
What we're born with
And what's been fed to me
I put up the poster
But you never came any closer
Than a rainy day away
The message you heard
Was deafening and noisy
And now we're all suffering
From your mercury poisoning
Mercury poisoning
Hey, get off of the ceiling
And those memories you're peeling off
Like layers of a cake
Those candles have been ate
I'd rather forget it all
Don't look for the message
It's deafening and noisy
We're tired of suffering
Your mercury poisoning

You heard all of my stories
So I made up some more
And days wore into december
And there we were at dinner
Deciding how we'd split up
The chores

I heard most of the stories
And I never got bored
And days wore into september
And all I can remember
Is that there was something before