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Confira a Letra Best Excluse


Best Excluse

Give me the whole truth.
Give me you’re best excuse.
Because i just wasted my last wish
On “give me enough rope to hang myself with.”
And lately i’ve been looking down,
It could be because that it’s getting colder
Or that i’m getting older.
And i watch the trees,
As they all loose their leaves.
They’re just like me, i’m loosing everything.
I’m looking for something.
I’m looking for anything at all.
I’m looking for closure,
False hope or something to hold on to when i fall.
So give me something to believe in, anything at all.
And i don’t wanna give up,
But lately it seems i’m down on my luck.
So give me something to believe in.
Cause i’m loosing it all.

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