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Confira a Letra New Years Resolutions


New Years Resolutions

I left it all behind me tonight
No, I don't hold regrets
I just think its for the best to let the past
Just be the past and I'm never going back there
Keep myself in tact, yeah

To all my friends and enemies
This one's for you and the road that lies in front of me
I set a fire to my heart to illuminate the dark
And I used the lessons that I've learned
To ignite this spark and now I know the way to go

I'm not afraid of being alone
I can't waste another day living life this way
When the answer is staring me dead in the face

Dowse my past in kerosene, strike the match
And burn away the memories
I've learned a lot over the past few years
This world is trying to test me but I'm still here
I won't forget what I've sacrificed
I won't stop putting up a fight

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