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Confira a Letra Pave The Way


Pave The Way

Jake and i have been
Sleeping in the van a mile from his house this week,
Because we know who we want to be.
Friends and families always try to shut us down,
But that's okay, we're paving our own way.

The only homesick that i get,
Is sick of being home
And there's another eleven days before we're on the road
And if we don't leave any sooner,
I swear to god that i'll explode.

So let the miles stretch further than we know,
We're holding on to this dream and we'll never let go.
And you'll never see the sights that we're about to see,
And you'll never make memories like these.

And i can't help but laugh at all the things you need to be
Content because all i need is this dream and my friends.
A sleeping bag and this van.

And at night i lie awake thinking about the other side of the united states,
And at night i lie awake.
I know we'll make it some day,
We're paving our own way and you'll never make memories like these.

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