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Confira a Letra Feeding The Flame

Hate Frame

Feeding The Flame

The abyss of the voracious mind
Keeps the secrets of insanity
Feeds on sickness breeding vast decline
Paves the way for vile brutality

Screams of pain in timeless torture
Lead the souls astray
Legions of the dead are summoned
Hordes of hate obey

Twilight dies along with hope to stay sane
An unseen view of blinded eyes
Distorted fragments of what's left to be gained
A flame that burns the truth to lies

Scent of blood grows stronger
Leads the hunter to the prey
Violence breeding violence
Certain death is on the way

Burn, burn
Feed the flame of vengeance it's your
Turn, burn
Fire of your hatred makes your burn

Fire of your hatred burns