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Confira a Letra Hatred



There's no joy and happiness
For me in this world.
There's no happy, sunny day.
I have malice in my brain.

I cannot live no more
With this sickness in my mind.
'Coz I cannot laugh at all -
I hate everything alive…
… I hate…….

The sun is shining bright - And now it cumbers me.
Deep inside my head - There is insanity
Everything that's nice and cute - It drives me mad.
"Kill'em all" - A silent whisper in my head.

Now - I will die.
There's no way - I can hide.
So much pain - in my life.
After all - it will hurt so bad.

There is no solace or forgiveness,
There is no mercy for my soul in hell.
Hellish torment, suffering's eternal,
Inhuman pain, I'm not very well.
There are many who are like me
Together in madness surely we will dwell.
I used to kill, to torture and to rape,
That's why in total darkness I fell.