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Confira a Letra Necessary Evil


Necessary Evil

It is hard to choose when you are on the edge.
Whatever is that you lose, or what is your pledge.
You always have to decide, what must be left behind.
To listen to your mind and leave the feelings aside.

Finally the time has come
To choose the lesser of two evils.
Knowing for sure what must be done,
And the consequences that it will deliver.
It's always hard, it's always pain,
But surely something will remain.
You need a choice in order to go further
Even if the choice is murder.

Think fast and always smart,
Carefully plan each and every part.
You can be wrong only one time,
This is just like stepping on a mine.
No remorse, no regret,
Live your life until you're dead.
Never leave others to decide
This is something you can't confide (to no one)

The need of choice, feeds the inner voice -
This is something you can't see.
Society, lead to catastrophy -
Not everything is destiny.
Lots of mindless fools, they are only tools -
Is this what you want to be?
Take control of your life, the only way to survive -
Make decisions of your own.