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Confira a Letra Mental Disorder


Mental Disorder

Voice from deep within
Whispers what can’t be seen.
Controls the state of mind,
A new friend you will find.
Someone you can trust,
Someone you can lead.
Random thoughts out of shape
From this place there’s no escape.

Time to face reality.
To deal with insanity.
Hard to differ? - is it true?
Pills no longer work on you.

Seems the voice is not alone
The sense of reality is gone
Butcher the soul and
Let your will freely go.
Discover the depths of the mind
Body is weak, body is blind.
A whole new world breeds inside
Made of fear, hate and pride.

It’s a touch that can’t be seen
Only leads to what have been.
The driving force behind your back
Is turning everything to black.
You see visions in your head,
Counting many people, dead.
Can’t remember what you did,
Won’t you try just a bit?

Mental disorder – survival based on an instinct.
Mental disorder – nothing you can deal with. [x2]

The need for self-control.
Is getting stronger, play your role.
Too many persons for one body,
In the end it will be bloody.
None can help, none can heal.
Wish you could tell what is real
The truth is kept far from here.
Maybe one day you will be near.

Mental disorder – survival based on an instinct.
Mental disorder – nothing you can deal with. [x2]

Time to face reality.
Life – this is insanity.
No need to differ, it’s not true,
Suffering is the truth for you.

Reached the bottom of your life.
Now it’s time for a bigger dive.
Many questions - answers none.
Everything you love is gone.
Pain is your own guiding light,
Embrace it now without fight.
Slowly leave yourself to the flow.
Pull the trigger and feel the blow.