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Confira a Letra Somebody's Best Friend


Somebody's Best Friend

Cut into the soil, just like a soul
A coffin of (angel-?) reminds me I don't like to brood anymore
She goes down to the soil and sets her hand on fire
to prove she don't feel for me
I wait for dignity to tell me
she is wrong
she is wrong
she is wrong
I am not what is wrong here

Somewhere, I forget where
supposedly I am somebody's best friend

So, I wait at home, (engage) in the backlash
(hunchstruck)I stumble
A cemetery tomb(step) and think of the gravestone
Here lies a solitary note from an angel
that said this would work out just like a dream
A fond sweeping motion that carries me to sleep at night


No binal pretentions, no honourable mentions
I drink my way to sleep
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dream, dreaming, dreaming
I want to wake up in my own bed again
I want to wake up in my own bed again
I want to wake up in my own bed again