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Confira a Letra All Eyes To The Sky

Heart of a Coward

All Eyes To The Sky

Show us what's real
We are waiting for you
As we call out to the sky tonight, put reason behind us
We can't see through
Watch will all eyes to the sky
Just remember where you stand

As we call out to the sky tonight, we believe that you're there
But we can't see you
We can't fail
Living in fear, we cannot make sense of this
Such emptiness eating away
The shivers you've put up our spines, like walking over our graves
Bound by the shackles of faith; religion's the oldest of trends
We're always too frightened to face the truth at the end
How can we progress from here?
Promising an afterlife
How can we see things so clear?
We can't even see past tonight
If only we had inspiration to press on
Must press on