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Confira a Letra The Last Experiment

Heart of Sun

The Last Experiment

Awakening from a long dream
Where i believed my world was true
I realize my eyes can't open
To see the thing that now I am
I cannot feel my body
I cannot move my arms
There's only silence out there
As I'm floating in the dark

Something is going wrong
And the pain awakens me
I remember the experiment
The thing that now i am

My body is but a technological grave
My mind condemned to eternal desolation

Organic pieces seamed together
Permeated through a killing machine
Forced into artificial states of mind
Assembled entity devoid of life

Orbiting around the war
An explosion roused my mind
Reanimated by mistake
I can witness my own state
I'm the last experiment's freak
A human being brought to perfection
The final weapon of extintion

Let me burn as I fall back to the Earth
I'll be in pain no more
I am home