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Confira a Letra The Evil Tree

Heart of Sun

The Evil Tree

The Sun sets on this valley
Carbonized by nuclear blasts
Soon darkening the remains
Where mutants life forms dwell
Unburied bones lie scattered
And dead devices rust

The DNA of a dead world
Awaits beneath the crust

A contorted form of life
Inherits our domain of decadence
Giving birth to hybrid creatures
Its branches point up to a dead sky
The roots leave open sores on the soil
Which once was living
The Evil Tree

Nature's aim is continuation
Throught the perils of life

After endless evolution
This living form will last

The Sun set on this valley
Where a new life is born
Rotten is the trunk
Fingered branches grasp the void
Festering fruits esplode scattering the seeds
Dreadful shapeless creatures
Shouting out their greed of existence
With a cruel voice
Where death with it's merciful silence
Should forever reign