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Confira a Letra Shattered Glass

Heather Alexander

Shattered Glass

Land of dreams, cloaked in grey,
Rise again at dawn of day-
Thy new birth has come to pass,
Land of dreams, now shattered glass-

Thou hast survived we know not how,
None to care for thee till now-
None came by save to harass,
Broken land of shattered glass-

(chorus I)
Earth for dame, sun for sire,
Rise from candle to a fire-
With sky of blue and green of grass,
A land of dreams from shattered glass-

Thy people now no longer roam,
We reclaim our broken home-
Bring thee from the dark impasse,
Free the land of shattered glass-

(chorus II)
The one to thee, at last returns,
Eyes of steel and heart that burns-
To build a land which none surpass,
A rainbow world from shattered glass-