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Confira a Letra Voices Of The Sea

Heather Alexander

Voices Of The Sea

Oo, let the wind fill your sail,
oo, good weather to you prevail
Thus call all the Voices of the Sea,
to which whose spell not a sailor can be free

The ship was called the Golden Swan,
when it came to port not a man was on,
and none knew where they'd gone
They'd sailed through a pass of jagged rocks,
upon which a fair-haired maiden combed her locks
She got her tail tangled in a cord,
and to help her every sailor jumped off board
Sailor, sailor, help me free,
your trusted lover I will be,
if you just believe in me

They swam in a sea as warm as mother's milk,
caressed by hands as sweet and soft as silk
They gazed in eyes that sparkled through the sea,
oh sailor, sailor, come make love to me
Come gambol through the raging tide,
swim forever by my side,
on the waves as one we'll ride

Their castle lay within a golden bed,
of sunken treasure from the drowned dead
Oh sailors, all this gold is yours one day,
if only you'll believe in what we say
Never question what you do,
your life, it will remain with you,
if you'll just believe we're true

They dined on fish and drank of bottled wine,
and danced with the mermaids through the salted brine
This wonderland was too much to believe,
and with that thought, the sailors found they couldn't breathe
They tried to swim up to the sky,
but they found the towering waves too high,
and the mermaids began to cry

Oo, let the wind fill your sail,
oo, good weather to you prevail,
oo, let the wind fill your sail