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Confira a Letra Fire On The Sea

Heather Alexander

Fire On The Sea

Hearken unto me
Fire on the sea
Raise the cry and give the horn a call
Countrymen beware
Danger's in the air
Evil comes, our village will be falling

Demons walk the shore
Soon there will be more
They will ravage all that we can build
Dragons sail the tide
There's no place to hide
Summon kin and gather up the children

Sword, axe, staff and horn
Nightmares to be borne
Families will be torn
Fire on the sea!

Strike up past the hill
Keep on running still
Maybe we can lose them in the night
Fire in their hand
Burns at their command
They can kill by throwing bolts of lightning

Flashing in the sky
Surely we will die
We will be ensnared as common cur
Bansidhe screams a song
Where did we go wrong?
Heaven's Father hear our cry for mercy

Sword, axe, staff and horn
Nightmares to be borne
Families will be torn

Rope with iron chain
No one shall remain
Blood, death, grief, and pain
Fire on the sea!

Fire on the sea!