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Confira a Letra The Golden Ring

Heather Alexander

The Golden Ring

Gather round, my friends, to me
Advice I have for you
It stems from my experience
And I swear that it is true
We're all meant for adventure,
There's paths where we must go
In light of my last journey,
There are some things
You need to know

All of us are tempted,
All of us will fail
The trick is learning right from wrong,
And letting good prevail
We all can have the power now
Of Darkness to command,
But what could happen to your soul
If you wield that
Upon your hand

For it's easy to be careless,
Easy not to think
Easy just to vanish in a blink,
Denouncing your reality
Such a simple thing
A harmless habit, much as putting on
A golden ring

You wear it closely to your heart
As if from a heavy chain
It shreds the soul to many a part
And you're never quite the same
Don't ever heed its beck and call,
Its hatred and its ire
For if you love this world at all
Return it to
It's forging fire

Now you've listened to my thoughts,
Pray keep them in your mind
Someday it might seem easier
To be cruel or unkind
Remember some of what I've said
For when the moment's through
Of danger done by darkness,
The bearer then
Might well be you