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Confira a Letra The Seventh Cross

Heaven Shall Burn

The Seventh Cross

Heaven Shall Burn - The Seventh Cross

Here we march through the snow, here we lie in the mud.
The wind aches like a thousand on my skin, my walk
mechanic. My thoughts far away, unable to act, feel
numb to the distress. I cant remember freedom, forgot
all faces I loved. No cry for help through the wire,
my existence a number on my skin. It will take all my
power, my last will to live. I hear the sirens.
Searching lights roam through the night, reports,
bloodhounds and hunters - orders are clear, our tombs
already dug. Our names on the crosses. I'm running, no
looking back, no feelings at all, will I be free? Will
I be free at last? Will I ever kiss your face again?
The sun will be mine again and I'll feel the rain,
feelings return from my body. I can't believe that I'm
still alive. Now I remember your face, your words, your

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