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Confira a Letra Seafaring



Waves that big will sink a ship this size,
The memory of the friends we lose,
Stains our days like a bruise.

In a storm like this, this vessel will capsize,
My love has the prettiest head cause Jesus sleeps between her legs.

On the holiest of nights,
when the angel sleeps so tight,
I stay awake to watch her breathing.
On the coldest morning after,
I hear the sound of laughter,
From people who can't be as happy as me.

Jessica acts as my harbour,
Within her arms is my haven.
She thinks that I'm worthy and able.
So I kiss her from her toes to her navel.
Her hair it acts as a beacon,
Drawing me away from the harlots and their wanton ways,
And all the lonely people need her so.

And Christ alone knows how he made those lips,
The deity worked over time, I see his likeness in her eyes.
And as we sale towards the calmer seas,
Fifty thousand beads of sweat running down her long white legs.

On the sunniest of summers, When I wake from winter slumber,
And smell the school girls hair as they go bathing and,
Sin will lose the one I love,
Jessie's hair is long enough,
To wipe away the fact that she is sixteen years old.