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Confira a Letra You've Been Prayed For


You've Been Prayed For

The foreign language TV shows make me feel so sick you know,
and I've been gone three days
or so and you're not on the answer phone.

And sex is very painful
but at least it feels a night or so,
I want to wake the neighbours with our cries of joy
and ecstatic moans,

An what's the point of love when love brings only pain
and as we settle down to rest we will sing this tired refrain.

You, you've been prayed for night and day,
and I , I've been waiting to be saved.
I won't want sex when I see your face is yawning
but I'll pray that I'll be stronger in the morning.

Now watch the lame and sensitive,
limp young man,
spit and grieve,
and feel the strength within your hands
and see my face look naive,
and hear me cry unselfishly for many broken rosary beads,
and every now
and then I start to think that you might have a heart.

Why won't you save some time
and leave me here to rest my mind.

Why won't you cut your nose to spite your face
and come round my place.
What can I offer you, my special one you've all you need.
I need more than your kiss
I need you bones to dance with me.