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Confira a Letra War Without Enemy


War Without Enemy

thoughts in my head.
Defeated by my own mind.
Struggling for sanity,
in my insane world.

A war within.
My darkened mind.
A war without enemy,
my struggling self.

the darkness,
sliding in.
Blindfolding me,
impossible to be.
Unable to feel

Binding me,
keeping me still.
Unable to move
trapped in my shell.

Dark is my sight.
Nocturnal behavior.

A war within.
My darkened mind.
A war without enemy,
just my struggling self.

Fear of denial.
Visions of the fall.

Cringing, back into my shell.
My thoughts embrace me,
crush me, darkness clouds my eyes.
My fate, is sealed. I close my eyes,
still I see black. I see black.

Light, doesn't change the dawn of darkness
has past me, an endless nothing. I float.
Numb, following my dark thoughts
feeling life fade, feeling life fade.