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Confira a Letra We Dear Are A Desert

Hold Your Horses!

We Dear Are A Desert

And we turned around again
We were facing colder climes
We carved new plans in the wood of this table

And it came as a surprise
We were kind to one another
We were kind to foreign faces
We were romanced older times

And your hands they radiate
Were they planning your escape?
There were new lines being carved
On the edges of your face

Within the four walls of this cage
Everything is kept in place
Every beat that resonates is soon replaced

And we thought we were hunters not kings
With no borders with no past to call our own
But we carried in this cage allies and foes
And we carried on our backs our past mistakes

We tore this dress at the seams with a bicycle chain
We wore this chain around our necks to remember this stain
We stained our land with the blood of strangers unnamed
We dressed our wounds with the skin of our daughters and sons