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Confira a Letra Blood White and Blue

Holly Brook

Blood White and Blue

Can you see my intensity
Sometimes it's even too much for me
Driven by a force so deep inside
I know my life is in for a ride

Sometimes it gets hard to breathe
When something that I do
Takes more time than I expected
Now what can I do

Can you see my intensity
Sometimes it's even too much for me

Drowning in "too much to do"
It's getting late, I can't afford to lose this time
It's getting later much to early
Where do all the hours go
In these days of mine

Do you want to take a chance with me
Take it but I don't think I can be
The woman the woman that you really want you to
I'm the girl who is sitting next to you
Saying honestly, even if I really want to
I can't be what I believe is being fair to you