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Confira a Letra Lovedoll

Hollywood Teasze


She is the one that you meet
Once in a lifetime, she´s so fine
She is the only one who ever understands
Sweet little baby please keep on movin´
Your looks tell me always the same
The way you do me drives me insane

She is the sweetest lovedoll in the world
Sweetest lovedoll, she´s my girl
She is the only one who ever understands

Is it for now or will it last forever
Better a piece o love than nothing at all
You´ll break my heart the day you´ll leave me
Girl i wanna kiss you wanna hold you tight
You´re the only one who makes me feel allright
Before i´d found you i´d been
Uptown,m downtown looking for the right town

Sweetest lovedoll in the world....