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Confira a Letra Sick Of Hanging On


Sick Of Hanging On

First you tell me its over
Then you try to get me to stay
I'm so confused what am I gonna do
You can pull me in you can push me away
The minute you tell me you leave me
But its right before you walk out the door
You're hot then you're cold
And this keeps getting' old
Who am I supposed to be anymore

I can't wait forever
To know if were together
I'm sick of hanging on
Anything sounds better
Then waiting on you forever
I'm sick of hanging on
Sick of hanging on

Choose but you can't have it both ways
Choose but so I know what to do
Cause I can't believe that's how you gonna be
You've had your kick and now you're leaving me too

You need to make up your mind
I need to know it still
This is your only chance
I'm sick of hanging on
I'm sick of hanging on
Let me go or I let go