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Confira a Letra Botched Blueprints

Hope Lane Is A Dead End

Botched Blueprints

Caged like an animal,
guard dogs left astray.
I'm happier here in isolation,
a framed capsulation of a life I never lived,
I never even lived.

If this picture's worth a thousand words,
then why are my ten thousand
only one picture to you?
I'm no Van Gogh, but I can see straight
without the aide of hallucinogens.

Settle? Settle?
I will succeed.
Settle? Settle?
I will be free.
Settle? Settle?
I will succeed.
Settle? Settle?
I'm finally gonna be free.

Envisioning nothing may be near impossible to do,
but we're as close as we can come to a negative substance.
It's like dreaming without lucidity.
It's like dreaming without my lucidity.

I'm done here.
Rendezvous in hell.