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Confira a Letra Setting Stones On Fratricide

Hordes Of Yore

Setting Stones On Fratricide

Offspring of Mars
Their ominous birth
Obscured the gleam of the Sun
In Lupercal raised
Under Howling of Wolves
The fate of all Europe was spun

In malice deserted
By nature nurtured
Two sibilings came onto age
Their bloodlust stirred
By their divine father's blood
Pulsating with murderous Rage

Their vengeance done,
Their freedom achieved
by Amulius's blood on their blades
With their fate propelling
The call in their birth
They set to Palatine's glades

A small square of stone
Marked Romulus' home
The stage of a destiny fulfilled
A nation to be born
Under fratricide's mark
Baptised in the blood that he spilled

Built upon the stains of murder
Blood allegiance set aside
Rome shall spawn Splendour and Ruin
Setting stones on Fratricide.

Child of the War God
Took no grievance at the death of his kin
As the firstborn settler of Nod
Building upon the the blood stains of sin

The Gods speak:

" The tides of the world
to be shaped on this deed
Corruption and greed
Will bring ages of Gold

But our spell should they heed
as is hereby foretold
To the Deities of old
Should they come in their need"