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Confira a Letra Our Blood For Naught

Hordes Of Yore

Our Blood For Naught

From Hispanic valleys
through Alpian hills
I [was] the spear Aimed straight at your heart
The Victor of Trebia
And the scourge of Cannae
[I] Made short work of you foolish Braggarts
Soon the mighty of Rome
Locked the bolts of their Homes
Their proud leaders frozen still with fear
The vengeance of Carthage
Banged loud at the door
And Rome Trembled as Hannibal neared

Rome trembled as Hannibal neared!

Blood sacrifice
Rome's heart laid at Baal's feet

But guile and betrayal
Weigh higher than bravery
On Rome's less than honorable code
My swordarm unmatched
dared they not to defeat
On to Carthage the cowards Rode
My glorious dream
Now a nightmare it seemed
As Tanit in dreams to me spoke:
"My temple's defiled
Carthage lies in ruin
Its majesty shrouded in smoke"

If a gladius pierced my heart
no deeper pain I'd feel
Than the sight of my fallen home
Rent under roman steel

Our blood for naught
was spilled across Italy

Our blood for naught
was spilled across Italy
Our grand designs
Paled 'neath their treachery

Pariah I am
Deep in Antioch's land
Now only this quill
tests the strength of this hand
who once swinged blades in war

'Ere the eagles hunt me
and feast on my flesh
A vial of poison
Shall lay me to rest
My life as mine shall wane.

Our Blood For naught...
Our Blood For naught...