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Confira a Letra The Indomitable Spirit

Hordes Of Yore

The Indomitable Spirit

The trumpets have sounded
Their legions advance into war
Before us an enemy
Of power like none other before

For freedom we fight
Lest we end enslaved and Dishonored
'Ere facing the shackles
Our hands free to deal death at [the] tip of a sword

Our armies beaten and scattered
Our dead may fill the field
But our souls remain Unscathed
We may fall but never yield
Our hands be cut and piled
Our broken knees may kneel
But our souls remain unscathed
We may fall but never yield

Lo!, as these dogs cross the fields
Of the lands we call ours since birth
Seeking naught but our lands and tribute
(knowing) Not the glory that burns in our Blood

Our submission purchased
At too costly a price
Scores of romans impaled
By our swords victimized

Though our tribes have been vanquished
Crushed 'neath sandals of steel
The strength of our spirit
they're unable to kill