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Confira a Letra Waning of Might, Waxing of Spite

Hordes Of Yore

Waning of Might, Waxing of Spite

[The Gods' lament:]

"Behold! they set our Temples alight
-By decree of Imperial Might-
They tear down the stones
Of our once sacred domes
And defile the effigy of gods once held high"

The gifts of Minerva they scorn
(See the arcane Serapeum burn
[Dying] embers where wisdom once glowed),
As new faith tramples old,
The breaking of an oath
That rome will e'er rue to withhold

[The Voice of Mars:]

" Their Betrayal I'll cleanse in their blood
And reign supreme in the age of this God"

[Jupiter's decree]

"Perjurers the lot,
Scourge of traitors foul and ingrate
Let my sentence be wrought
Let barbarian steel seal their fate"

[The Voice of Mars:]

"Mine own offspring I'll drown in their blood
Under guise of their slanderous God"

[Speaks Venus:]

" The pleasures of flesh once bestowed upon me
To be draped in the cloth of new false modesty
Coloring of grey the once red blushing of love
Some stale Ascetic virtue to buy favors above"

"Tell to the king that the carven hall is fallen in decay;
Apollo has no chapel left, no prophesying bay,
No talking spring. The stream is dry that had so much to say." *


The age of our dusk
Is the breaking of your night
Though your treason we'll suffer,
We're avenged in your plight
See your splendour in ruin
Countless years of decay
(is the) Final gift of the Gods
Whom you swore to obey

[Minerva speaks:]

"Your contemptuous desertion
Spells the waning of our might
Gods once revered now demons
Held in fright

Your ignorant abandon
Marks the Waxing of our spite
Once children blessed
In wisdom's light
Now fools that cling to shadows
In the night"