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Confira a Letra Edge Of Fire


Edge Of Fire

Alienated minds by hate and vengeance
People don't understand why they feel so much fear
Seeking answers in a world where they won't find them
You can shout, where nobody will hear you

I see fire in yours eyes i, see pain in your soul
Learning to live, learning to fight
Following dark threads, looking for destruction
To the birth of a new edge, the edge of fire

Betrayed by a doubt shadow, claiming for help
Blinded by destiny, prisoners of our own nightmare

Lost souls found the dark way
Carryng the sorrow of a past

Edge of death
Edge of fire

The humanity will fall in its own ignorance
The blood will stain, the ruin land
Tired of so pain and agony
Their bodies rested for the rest of the eternity

Edge of death
Edge of fire