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Confira a Letra Memories Of The Afterlife

Human Error

Memories Of The Afterlife

Dreaming dreams never dreamed before
am I even myself anymore?
They sink my grave and set the stone
you walk away and you let me go.

Here I am, now alone
as a ghost with flesh and bone
I rot as my loved ones cry
and watch scenes of a wasted life.

My forgotten memories line a hallway
with all my failures on display
a circus of souls and a burning cross
a portrait of everyone I've ever lost.

No one is waiting for me.

A sea of sound and a sky of light
born again in the dead of night.
Stars watch me like crying eyes
waking up again in the place where i died.

Never alive but not quite dead
hanging on to words unsaid
at last the dream is over
I lay awake inside a coma.

I see everyone again
the living, dead and the unborn.
I've seen things I'll never forget
the memories of the afterlife.

No one is waiting for me.

No one is waiting for me.