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Confira a Letra Every single day

Humble Pie

Every single day

Well, it ain't my dream, baby
To hold your hand
But that don't mean to say
I ain't your loving man
Because i gave my soul
To a travelling band
And i love you so
Because you showed me more
Than you'll ever, ever understand
I wrote this song 'cause i needed to say
I want you every single day
Well, yeah, i ain't too sure
Of the price i pay
If i have to live with my music
Almost every day
You know it, you know it shakes me up
And you let me down
And you sure help me, girl
You help me a lot
And i feel strong with you around
I wrote this song 'cause i needed to say
I love you every single day, every day
Oh, the endless road
Can be hard to bear
'cause there's so many troubles
And i get my share
It's so easy to fall
Oh girl, and you know
You know i could
And so i hope you see what i would do
If i was all alone without your love
I wrote this song 'cause i needed to say
I love you every single day..

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