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Confira a Letra No Money Down

Humble Pie

No Money Down

Wait a minute, see here
As I was motivating way back in town
I saw a Cadillac sign, it was flashing saying
No money down
So I eased on my brakes
And I pulled in the drive
And I'd gotten the motor twice
And then I walked inside
The dealer came to me, said
Trade in your Ford and I'll put you in a car
That'll lead up the road
He said, just tell me what you want
And then just sign this line baby
And I'll have it delivered to you
Personally by hand in one hour's time
Well, I wanna get that car
Oh, and I'm gonna head down the road
And I won't have to worry
'Bout my beat up, ragged Ford
Now, see here, Mister, I want a yellow convertible
A four-door deviant with a Continental spare
And beautiful white chrome wheels
Now, I want power steering
And you know, that goes with power brakes
And you better put a powerful motor under that hood cap
'Cause I want a jet offtake
Another condition, listen
I want automatic heat and I want a pull-out bed
You understand, right there in my back seat
Ah, you give me short wave radio
Lay on some TV and a phone
See, I gotta talk to my woman
While I'm just cruising along
Hey, hey, I wanna get that car
Oh, I'm gonna head down the road
And no money down
And I won't have to worry
'Bout my wrecked up, beat up, ragged old Ford
Pick it up, uh, sure feels good, don't it
Wait a minute here, see that?
I want four carburetors
Two straight exhausts
I want to burn that aviation fuel
I don't care, I don't care what it'll cost
I want a railroad air horn, you know the type?
And a military spud
And see here, man
I want a five-year guarantee on everything I got

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