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Confira a Letra Why Don't You Do It?


Why Don't You Do It?

White room-- empty, clean, and pretty modern for its time
faded memories still showing in my mind
the fan in me was so impressed
by seeing such a scene
your calm expression sunny, smiling, so serene

your white suit in the bath
it was the perfect autograph
it was so.

and cracked up on TV
i saw you staring back at me
as if to say
"Why don't you do it, if you want to?
slip right into it, it might save you."

The world that we perceive is just our own private creation
some are replacing imagination with belief
as i invent myself, i'm seeing others do the same
and when we lose our roots it comes as some relief
killing off the polaroid
can't kill the picture on the other side

and as the shadows play
we're losing something on the way
until we're satisfied
and we don't step outside anymore.

"Why don't you do it, if you want to?
slip right into it, it might save you."