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Confira a Letra Neon Lights

Hurry! Let's Go!

Neon Lights

Sometimes I just can't sleep at night,
Sometimes these stars shine way too bright,
I wish I was in my dream land,
No questions left, just pearl white sand,
Because there's neon lights in the air,
I see stars in this atmosphere,
Without this thing I can't imagine,
What's left from the start to the end,

Don't you know, if this gonna last,
Don't you know, what happens in the past (2x)

And we walk two thousand miles,
I'm not in a rush, there's no denial,
I wish I could just take you with me,
Oh baby please, I want you to see,
You are everything that I hope for,
I want you here, you're the one I adore,
You make my day bright with these lights,
Please just stay for another night