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Confira a Letra Just War Reprise


Just War Reprise

No time for peace a time for war
A plowshare beat unto a sword
Imminent threat or self-defense
Imperial, self-interest
To occupy, and subjugate
A human right to liberate
Isolate, or intervene
Are we not our brothers keep

No justice no peace
No justice no peace

Diplomacy has run its course
Are we justified in using force
A call to arms daughters n' sons
For sacrifice or suicide bombs
Who decides who violates
Whose rights denied who arbitrates
When a war is just, or just a war
What the hell are we fighting for

No justice no peace
All we are saying
No justice no peace

No justice no peace
All we are saying
No justice no peace

And the Innocence of our burdens bare
Get caught up in the cross hair
Born to live, some born to die
There, but for the grace