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Confira a Letra Lightning Bolts and Man Hands

Hymie's Basement

Lightning Bolts and Man Hands

andrew broder:
you can spend your time trying to not think about certain things.
hoping no one challenges your wonderful lie of the wisdom of daydreams.
you can pluck the spot right off a ladybug's back,
put it on the ground and crawl right in.

most men resent their left hand;
the bony knuckles, the second rate super hero thumb so broad and masculine.
overshadowed and rendered sedintary by its more active opposite companion,
but i've got my mother's hands and...

andrew broder:
you can stumble through the stars,
you can choke on a snow flake.
you can slip on a banana peel to death.
so spake the hopeless ape.
you can get struck by a lightning bolt.
a lightning bolt doesn't know its own strength,
you'll pull a purr out of her if it kills you,
just you wait.

aren't babies born with creases in their palms
way before you think the hand's most frequent movements have been established?
have humans evolved to be born to hold hammers and swords?
in the years to come, will we see the emergence of a strong computer key finger?
in the years to come, will we see a flattened mousepad palm?