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Confira a Letra Cocaine



I exhibit confidence, while they display incompetence
Bobby is the shit baby, pardon my incontinence
They respected dominance, I'm feeding off they compliments
A yard look like a dealership, a cripple every continent
Knowledge my accomplishments, my presents and my prominence
There's money on my mind so I exercise common sense
Damn, I wonder if they catch the line
Where's the competition at? Show me who's next in line
Basically it's flexin' time, the watch is so phenomenal
Dealer got that snowman, the work is so abdominal
Plus a nigga keep it hood, cause I know they needed that
Long as a nigga eating good, I don't need your feedback
All these niggas see that, ye ain't on my level homie
Call me Bobby Hendrix; I keep that heavy metal on me
That mean that we spark heat, bussin' to the dark meat
You are in that water now and this the start of shark week
You know they say that talk's cheap and ya looking stingy to me
See I love to start beef, you looking like a vegan to me
At least a vegetarian, see I know I'm scaring him
Asking if they dig that or I'm a fuckin bury em
Man I used to carry them, right there on my carrion
20 out here running shit welcome to my marathon
I keep it pushin' like Lamar's class
Laying in the cut, I got it cover like a guard's mask
Yeah, I'm spittin' that Bolivian
Married to the banks and the flow is oblivion
This is what I'm giving him direction on which way to go
Nothing but that uncut to 'portant for the radio
Never try to play me hoe, I bring it 'cross the border line
Lyrical cocaine, go ahead and start a line

Cocaine is a hell of a drug