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Confira a Letra Grand Collapse

I Walk The Line

Grand Collapse

It's already 4 a.m. and the walls start to bleed.
Is it part of these schemes, I failed to conceive.
Is it a sign of a grand collapse?
I'm tearin up the sheets.
Do I have to hold it back
or let it take me where it will?
If I make it through this season,
you know that I'll be fine.
But I need a re-evaluation,
somewhere to unwind.

Hey you, my soul is abandoning me.
Hey you, can you open up the door
out of this ghost town?

Nothing lasts forever.
Things will take sudden turns.
The outlines of your future have already been drawn.
It's up to you to fill it up with colours
or the shades of grey.
If you leave it for someone else's hands,
the outlines will fade away.
I don't call this living, just struggling to get by.
Desperate ways of filling the emptiness in our lives.

Hey you, my soul is abandoning me.
Hey you, can you open up the door
out of this ghost town?

Open up the door and give me back my life.
Fill this empty soul and make me whole again.
When the biggest fear rears its ugly head.
You're trembling like a leaf in confusion.
And we all fear life and keep the doors shut.

Can you open up the door
and prevent the coming of
the grand collapse?