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Confira a Letra Sorrows

I Will Define


I dwell on my past so I know where to go
For where is the future without memories to show?
As time passes by, some wounds just won't heal
But I've tasted the poison, why not finish the meal?
Like when you try to move forward,
But there's that kink in your mind,
That screams one step closer is ten steps behind.

And we're back where we started,
Chained to the weight of regret, remorse, self-pity, and hate.
Trust me I know, and I've carved it in stone.
On a brick in the back of my mind I call home
Where the building is strong, and the yard is at peace
And it's hard to spot flaws from the edge of the street

But if you hurdle the fence, and walk through the door,
And climb down the stairs leading under the floor.
Where a father abused you, where a girl once amused you,
Where the only person you trusted used you
A basement of memories, all locked in my head
If I don't dwell on my past I'm better off dead