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Confira a Letra Secret of the Dance

Ian Gillan Band

Secret of the Dance

I saw her in the gloom
As she moved across the room
The animal was burning in her eye
She took him by the hand
But he didn't understand her
He wouldn't be the one to satisfy
Got to wait no mistake
I've got to take my chance
Be there beware
The secret of the dance
I moved a little closer
So maybe i could show her
The way i felt the way i knew
It was more than a game
I was getting loaded
So i touched her and exploded
That was it i knew my life
Would never be the same
It's too late i can't escape
I went and blew my chance
And so i'll never know
The secret of the dance.
As she dances
Feel her power
Notice how her
Thighs entrance
And draw you to
The secret of the dance